Who is Missing?

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: All you need is a group of kids!  The larger the group, the bigger the challenge!

Have the whole group sit in a circle.  Encourage everyone to take a moment to look around the room at each person in the group.  Tell the group that on the count of three, everyone will close and/or cover their eyes and an adult will come and tap one child on the shoulder.  Tell the kids that if they are tapped on the shoulder, they should quickly and quietly stand up and walk to a designated spot with the assisting adult.  Count to three again and have everyone open their eyes.  The kids then look around the room and try to guess who is missing.

-Play “Who’s Missing” using photos of family members or friends.  You could even set up a center in a preschool classroom to play the game with photos of everyone in the class as a follow up to playing the game in real life.
-Use the game as a way to help your kids get to know the people in your school.  Play with photos of the custodian, secretary, principal, music teacher, gym teacher, art teacher, etc.
-Change it up and play “What’s Missing?” as another fun group game idea.  Set household items out on the table.  Cover the items, secretly remove one of them and see if your kids can guess which item you removed.

Core Value:
This falls under the Responsibility Core Value as to that we are responsible for those around us.  In scouting we believe in the buddy system and this game helps us to look out for each other and to make sure no one is missing.

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