Charades Relay

Before You Start: 
Skills Practiced: Body awareness and pantomiming. 
  • Divide the group evenly into two or more teams.
  • Have the group spread out so that they cannot overhear the surrounding teams.
  • Review the basics of charades.
  • One person will act out a word or phrase without speaking while the team is trying to guess the word.
  • Show an example.
Set Up: 
How to Play: 
  • Start a charades race and name the categories such as fast food, electrical appliances and cartoon heroes.
  • Teams compete against each other trying to be the first to guess all of the items on the list.
  • To start ask one member from each team to come to you. Whisper the first word into their ear and return them to their group to be acted out.
  • Once a member of the group guesses the word correctly, someone new runs to the instructor for the next word. No one can come up twice until everyone has acted out an item from the list. 
  • The new member must tell the instructor the word they just guessed to receive the next word from the list.
  • The game is over once a team completes the entire list.


Sample List:
1. Superman
2. Storm
3. Blow Dryer                             
4. Dishwasher
5. Milk shake        
6. Watermelon
7. Taco
8. Captain America
9. Computer
10. Blender
Core Value:
This activity is a great way to be resourceful because you have to come up with actions to demonstrate or act out the word without being verbal.
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