Mirror Mirror

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: You’ll just need the kids and some open space for this one!

Designate one child as the “leader” and place the children so that they are facing each other.  The leader positions her body and asks the other child to mimic that position.  For instance, the leader may put one hand on their head and one hand on their belly.

-Position one child (the leader) in front of a group of children or pair a child with an adult
-Make position changes rapidly, maybe using a timer set at 30 second intervals to challenge the partner to act quickly and challenging the leader to respond to the timer to change
-Challenge the child to think outside the box and attempt to hold different body positions while standing on one leg or sitting on the floor

Core Value:
This activity is under Cooperation because we need to follow the example of our leaders and cooperate with them to achieve a common goal.

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