Blind Play

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Blindfold, balls, basket, or any additional objects to incorporate into the game

WHAT TO DO: Designate a clear, safe space for this activity and be sure to have an adult supervising! Children take turns being a leader and a follower. When it is the child’s turn to follow, they are blindfolded…no peeking! The leader gives the blindfolded friend directions to move around the room.  For example, he may say, “take 4 steps forward” or “turn to your right.”  You may need to assist the leading child with their directions until they catch on…be creative!

-Choose any combination of partnering including an adult with a child, a friend with a friend, or a sibling with a sibling
-Start by practicing without the blindfold, listening to the directions, and seeing where they’re going
-Direct the blindfolded child to move across the room to reach a designated spot.  Try varying the child’s movements (e.g. skipping, jumping with two feet, bear crawling, etc.)
-Direct the blindfolded child to carry a ball or object across the room to place into a basket
-Interject additional directional words such as “place the ball under the pillow” or “beside the chair”, or have the child “step over” or “duck under”

Core Value:
This activity is grouped in Cooperation because the blind folded has to have help from someone else in the group to get thru the objects safely.

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