Trace Me

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Chalk, crayons, or markers

WHAT TO DO: This can either be done outside on a sidewalk or driveway or inside using a large roll of paper.  Children take turns tracing each other’s bodies! One child lies down on the surface and positions her arms and legs any way she chooses. Could be one arm up and one arm down, leg kicking out to the side, or all limbs straight out in an “X” position!  Each partner gets an opportunity to trace their friend’s body using chalk, markers, or crayons. Then, let the fun begin as they draw in the details of their friends, including faces, hair, clothing, facial expressions, jewelry, shoes, etc.  Then list what each person likes about the person that was traced.

-After tracing, children could work on filling in the details for each person together rather than separately
-Children could also work collaboratively to trace a leader.

Core Value:
This is under compassion because we are all different and there are always something good about everyone even though they are different from ourselves.

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