Been a tough week

This week has been tough but it has also been rewarding.   It started off on Monday when we unloaded a semi-truck of cleaning supplies for flood relief here in the Lowcountry.  That in itself has been really rewarding just getting out and helping others that have lost so much in the past few weeks.  

This week has also been Revival at our church.  That was much needed especially because we knew Tuesday was going to be a very hard day.  The reason we knew that day was going to be hard was because we were going to be at MUSC as our son was going to be finally tested for Autism.  We knew before the test was performed that he was going to be Autistic but still it was rough.  He did get the confirmed diagnosis of Autism but the doctor said he was in the high functioning category.  This was hard to hear however it was also a relief because we finally had some answers and are starting to be able to get help.  It also makes us feel like we have not been crazy all of this time thinking that we were the only ones experiencing what our son was feeling.

We are so proud of how our son and daughter are doing in school.  From our daughter who started Kindergarten this year and how well she is doing.  She is very  loving and caring.  Her teacher says that she is always looking out for others and always willing to help out.  Now to our son he has really adjusted very well from being home school last year because of a bad experience in Kindergarten.  He is not having problems with his behavior and seems to be getting along with his class mates.

It is in these times that we can not focus on all of the bad things as they will consume you even when there seems to be more bad than good.  Trust me a I struggle with that all the time too.  I just have to remember to focus on the good and take every victory that I can.  No matter how small that victory may be.

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